127th New York Infantry
"The Monitors"
John Augustus Conklin
1844 - 1918
Company B
Born: 1844, Greenport, NY
Date of Death: August 23, 1918, Riverhead, NY
Burial Location: Riverhead Cemetery, Riverhead, NY

Enlistment Date: August 28, 1862, Greenport, NY
Mustered In: September 8, 1862
Rank: Private
Description: 5 Feet 7 ½ Inches Tall, Blue Eyes, Sandy Hair, Sandy Complexion
Company: K Transferred to Company B October 1, 1862
Muster Out Date: June 30, 1865, Charleston SC

Wife’s Name: Mary Elizabeth Lester
Marriage Date and Place: December 7, 1859
Birth Date: October 16, 1838
Date of Death: November 7, 1902
Burial Location: Riverhead Cemetery, Riverhead, NY

Father’s Name: Henry Hallock Conklin
Mother’s Maiden Name: Perthenia Lester

Herbert C Born July 11, 1859Died October 31, 1941
Ethlinda Born March 1, 1862
Roxanna Born April 30, 1866
Benjamin ABorn August 21, 1867
Robert Born 1869 Died December 3, 1870
Isabella B. Born November 15, 1870 Died December 3, 1870
Alice E Born February 4, 1872Died September 27, 1924
Rose BelleBorn 1872
John SidneyBorn January 2, 1875February 17, 1861
Ernest Howard Born June 2, 1876Died October 25, 1946
Elmer Garfield Born August 15, 1880

View image of the Conklin brothers John, Elmer and Ernest and other 127th Sons of the Civil War taken in Riverhead.

These are sons of those who fought in the civil war; most of their fathers would have been in the 127th because they were from Riverhead but this is not confirmed. 
From left to right:
Howard V. Lane
“Wigiam” Brown (Butcher, worked for[Lee or Lou] Young)
Gil Lane
George Oliver
John Sidney Conklin
Fred Corwin
Nathan Corwin (brothers)
Elmer G. Conklin
Elwin Benjamin (Gilmore and Roselle’s father)
Ernest Conklin
John, Elmer & Ernest Conklin brothers

Occupations: Pre War: Farmer
Occupations: Post War: Farm Laborer

Pension Application Date: July 6, 1885

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Headstone image courtesy of descendant Jack Conklin